Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The author gives me a mix of emotions which is weirded out and excited. I feel weirded out because of the way the character is. That charachter is obssesed with a certain celebrity, the characters room is filled with posters of the celebrities face and she even has one in her ceiling. She has it there because at night she looks at it and it helps her fall asleep. Then I feel excited because of where I left off which is that the character moves and begins crying and crying because she doesn't want to leave her best friend behind. Although she didn't know that they were actually moving 2 blocks away and next to the characters best friends house.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Nicole and Lucy hate their regular lives, they hated school, they got bullied and their life was just miserable. They are best friends, Nicole had a idea, her idea was to switch bodies in a street named fera street. They walk there after school and it's a tall hill that you have to jump out of, they hold hands and jump off the bridge, they landed on both feet and they look at each other and they have switched bodies, it worked. After that Nicole went to Lucy's house and when she walked in Lucy's parents were murdered, their body was slashed into pieces. The bad part was that Lucy had set Nicole up and now Nicole could maybe get arrested and charged for murder.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fear Street

I think that Nicole and Lucy will hate each other because Lucy took advantage of Nicole, I think that because I would never be friends with someone if they took advantage of me even if it was my best friends. Nicole has been looking for Lucy for a while and Lucy has lied to her too so I believe that they won't become friends again.